2016 Race Report

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Boy do I have a lot of updates for  you....lol

September 10 2016:  Lincoln Speedway With this being our final point race we went into tonight 55 points ahead of 2 and 3 place.  We needed to finish 10th  if the 2nd or 3rd place in points would win.  Once again we drew a bad number. Starting p8 we had to make the top 4 to transfer to the front, we finished p4.  Since we won last week we were almost guaranteed to start p12 and we did.  It was quite nerve racking watching and waiting in anticipation of what was to come.... the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.  We finished p8 clinching the title for the 2016 358 Lincoln Speedway Championship.  What an emotional race as Pap Leiby was in attendance and was able to celebrate our accomplishment.

September 3, 2016 :  Lincoln Speedway  Going into tonight we were 15 points ahead of 2nd place

in the points chase.  We started p3 in the first heat and finished p3. That started us p7.  With the pole sitter  sitter stopping on the track that moved us up to p5.  Seven laps in Chandler took the lead from Matt Finley

and  battled with Kyle Denmyer on laps 13 and 14 with Denmyer taking the lead.  Chandler took the lead back and went on to win his first win of 2016 and giving us some breathing room going into the final points race.

 Also, a special very big Thank You to Lincoln Speedway for donating the 50/50 portion to our cause.

AUTISM AWARENESS!  We were able to send $2064.00 to The Autism Society of the greater Harrisburg Area in honor of Team 119  and crew member Todd Thomas Jr.


Welcome to the new Leiby 119 Racing  website.

This is the home of second generation driver Chandler Leiby.

Chandler drives a 358 c.u. 730 horsepower Sprint Car.

Here you will be able to check in and follow Chandler and the

119 Team on the weekly race report. 


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Bio:  Chandler Scott Leiby 

Age: 18

DOB: October 9, 1997

Parents: Greg and Dawn Leiby

Girlfriend: Tori Hyson

Welcome to the home of


2016 Lincoln Speedway 358 Champion

Driver: Chandler Leiby

Hometown: Carlisle, PA